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Mediterranean teas 100% Natural

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„In a lot of ways, we might get more benefit from a good natural and herbal tea than from a vitamin pill“ says herbalist Marianne Beacon of Elderberry Herbals in Peterborough, Ontario.

Herbal Mediterranean teas make for wonderful, low calorie and relaxing drinks. Apart from having a beneficial effect on health, herbal teas are fragrant and appealing. Let’s take the mystery out of the herbal teas and discover together which teas are good for you.

Avoid any teas with artificial flavourings. The best quality herbal teas tend to be natural. The Mediterranean teas are 100% natural.

Drinking a tea brewed from freshly gathered herbs is an easy way to get nature’s healing force into your body — something we all need, whether we are healthy or fighting illness. Fresh plants help strengthen the immune system and detoxify. They are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, essential oils, soluble fiber, minerals (including calcium), enzymes, chlorophyll, and numerous compounds to boost our health.

Herbs are plants that are valued for their medicinal, aromatic, or savory qualities. Many are tasty, too. A fresh tea made from fresh herbs captures between 50 and 90 percent of the effective ingredients of the plant. Herbal remedies can be administered — and enjoyed — in many ways, but when boiling water is poured over herbs, the plants’ soluble organic compounds are easily broken down. The resulting fragrances are an indication of the herbs’ inherent therapeutic qualities.

Don’t be afraid to try out and experiment with combinations. Use a glass pot; this allows you to see the green beauty of your herbs. Let them steep for a few minutes. Keep them warm on a warmer and enjoy your tea all day long. There is enough flavor left in the plants for at least one additional steeping.

Mediterranean Herbal Teas

Our beloved herbal teas have been crafted to perfection for over 70 years using the freshest organic ingredients. Unlike commercial boxed tea bags, our loose-leaf herbal tea is fragrant, delicious, long-lasting, and economical.


It is easy to overwhelm ourselves these days, both mind and body. Between the air we breathe and the stresses from working or raising a family, it is easy to become run down. This comforting and strengthening infusion is carefully blended to offer support to our immune systems. Both helpful and tasty, enjoy a cup and relax.

Aroma And Taste

A refreshing tea with a well-tempered herbaceous flavor, that has strong herbal notes complimented by a touch of floral aromas.


If you drink tea every day, you can make all sorts of significant changes to your mood, your skin, your sense of well-being and energy. There are so many wonderful herbal teas to choose from. Here are a few of the most common. Don’t be afraid to try something new!


*For educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.